Privacy Policy

Dois Corvos, Lda. is committed to protect your privacy, therefore the following Privacy Policy regulates the treatment of personal data of all users (from now on mentioned as “User” or “Users”), gathered and treated throughout the usage of this website - (from now on mentioned as “Website”). The availability and communication of your personal data assumes the knowledge and acceptance of constant conditions of this Privacy Policy. Personal Data Personal data, in which concerns this Privacy Policy, is a reference to informations that may identify the User and that we gather while you are utilizing or interacting with this website. Name, any type of contacts, address or online identifier (IP address, for example) are some examples of personal information that may identify a User. Gathering and treating Personal Data Access and usage of this website won’t require that user makes any personal data available, therefore, we gather and treat user data of each user according to the you interact with the website. By using some functionalities of this Website allows the submission of user personal data, being that all personal data gathered in this context, like name, e-mail address, phone number as well as other data that, by user initiative, are inserted in the “subject” or “message” fields, just like all necessary data for the treatment of orders and respective billing, like address and VAT number. Purposes of Treating Personal Data Personal data is treated to manage the contact initialized by the User, in order to clarify and provide information asked for by the same User, as well as treat orders and its respective billing. Users Rights The User might, at any given time and without any costs, exercise his / her rights, foreseen on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and on the remaining applicable legislation. These rights include:
- Access right: The User can request access rights foreseen on the GDPR and clarifications about treatment and who had access to his / hers personal data; - Rectification right: User can request the rectification of Personal Data if he / she understands that these are incorrect or incomplete; - Erasing right: User may request that his / her personal information are erased or eliminated. - Treatment restriction right: User may request restriction to the treatment of his / her personal data; - Portability right: User may request that all personal data about him / her are provided, as well as sent to other entity; - Opposition right: User may oppose to the treatment of his / her personal data for certain purposes; - Right to oppose automated treatment: User may oppose to the fact his / her personal data is treated in an automated way. The rights mentioned above may be exercised through a properly reasoned written communication, to the following email address: Storage of Personal Data Personal data will be stored during the period that is necessary to fulfill all mentioned purposes. Cookies Cookies are text files that a website installs on your device / computer when you access a website. Cookies allow that, for a clear time period, a website memorizes your options and navigation preferences, like language, for example.
6.1 Strictly necessary and functionality cookies These cookies are necessary so that the website works. These are cookies installed with the goal of improving the navigation of the User. These are the cookies used on this website: 6.2 Analytics Cookies These are cookies installed by third-party tools to accompany the quality of the User experience while navigating this website. 6.3 Third-party Cookies We can hire external service providers to broadcast ads that may interest you. Some of those ads can be customized for the User, based on what we know from him / her. Some tools managed by third-parties may install cookies to share contents, being that the presence and the number of these cookies may depend on how the platforms utilize them, before and / or after visiting this website. Cookies management policy of those third-party entities should be verified.. It may also be necessary to recur to these cookies to show contents within our website, for example, to show images or videos. We cannot be held accountable for contents or treatment of personal data on third-party websites. Analytics and third-party websites are controlled by external entities, which makes it impossible to guarantee that the cookie list mentioned above remains exactly the same. User may configure his / her browser by accepting, declining or deleting cookies. For that, access the “options” menu or browser preferences. Note that by deactivating cookies it is not guaranteed that the User will enjoy all resources on this website, as this may affect navigation. Claims User may exercise all rights previously mentioned on point 4 and, if he / she believes his / her Personal Data is being used, disclosed or treated in a way that is not according to all applicable legislation, by exposing the situation to the National Committee of Data Protection. Contact Us User may, at any given time, contact us about issues related with the treatment of their personal data and exercise their rights through the following email: Updates to our Privacy Policy The present Privacy Policy may be updated at any given time, given that, if their users Personal Data are used for other purposes are not specified in this Privacy Policy you will be informed. Please review this Privacy Policy page from time to time.