When will I receive my pack?
The answer is: as soon as possible! We plan to start shipping all packs in January 2021. We've built in some contingency for ongoing global transportation issues, but in case of delay, we will always ship as soon as we can. You can always reach us at crowfunding@doiscorvos.pt in case you have any questions. Our team will be in touch with all our Crowfunders regarding shipping once we have more specific information. 

Will these special beers be on sale at the Dois Corvos Tap Room or at the online store?
No! These 3 beers are a Crowfunding exclusive!

I don't live in Portugal, but I would love to be a part of this! Do you ship these packages abroad?
Yes! If you live in the European Union, you can receive any of the exclusive Crowfunding packs. Learn more about international deliveries at crowfunding.doiscorvos.pt/en/pages/entregas

Don't live in the EU but still want to participate? Buy a gift certificate (Lieutenant Level) for a future visit to the tap room.

What activities does “Brewer for One Day” include?
Good question! With the purchase of Your Highness Pack (include link), you will be part of the creation of a recipe and accompany our team of brewers throughout the entire brewing process. We'll supply lunch, beers and of course, you'll get cans of the beer brewed.

When will the Crowfund campaign end?
The campaign will end on December 15, 2021 or until everything is sold out. Get on board while you can!

What are the available t-shirt sizes?
S to XXL, gender neutral.

But... Cans? Why? I like bottles.
Cans are more ecological, preserve the flavors and freshness of our craft beers for longer. Cans are also easier to store in the fridge and cool their contents much faster than any glass container. Bottles might be cool, but cans are even cooler!

Are you going to change anything in the way you create your beer recipes?
No way. We'll continue to brew beer as we've always done – innovating, but never going against the values that ​​we grew up under. As always, we will continue to make the best beer we can.

When will new canned beers be available at Dois Corvos online store?
Once we get the canning line, we’ll get to work on it! If you buy one of the top 3 packs of this Crowfunding, you will be THE  first to receive Dois Corvos cans.

Why are you launching this Crowfunding campaign? 
We’ve had plans to add a canning line to our brewery for three years, but a year and a half of COVID threw the schedules and budgets into chaos. We are doing everything we can to have the canning line here soon but it’s a big endeavor - not just the filler alone, but everything else we need to buy and do to make it fully operational. Therefore we decided it was a good idea to call on all our family, friends, and the community that have supported us over the years and make these special packs to help us reach the finish line.

How much money do you need?
We would like to reach €20.000 in pre-sales of the packs. Although that is only a part of the canning line cost, it will allow us to get things moving more quickly and have cans in your hands sooner. 

What if you don't reach your goal? Do I still receive my exclusive products?
Yes, even if - left-handed crosses - we don't reach the established goal, we will still fulfill all ordered packs.

What else can I do to help?
You can spread the word to all your friends, family, and beer lovers. We’re doing this because we think it’s important and with your help, we will get there. In exchange, we hope to deliver great beers and other goodies that you will thoroughly enjoy.

For other questions, send us an email to crowfunding@doiscorvos.pt

Thanks for your support!