Given the special context of this campaign, Dois Corvos commits to shipping the reward packs acquired on our website only after the campaign ends.

For further clarification about the about delivery dates and related questions, please consult our FAQ’s page - - or reach out by email to

Delivery Information

Deliveries in Lisbon

- Free for orders starting at 25€

- We deliver on weekdays

- In any other places outside of the Lisbon district (outside of Lisbon county), orders will be sent via shipping company, taking until 3 weekdays, except on holidays.

Deliveries in Continental Portugal and Continental Spain

- Free for orders starting at 25€

We make home deliveries on all the Iberian Peninsula
Orders are processed in our offices after payment is received. Afterwards, the packages are collected by the shipping company and delivered to your home address until 3 days after pick-up, except on holidays. Every package has an individual tracking number that allows following the trajectory of an order.

Delivery schedule and further information
Orders are delivered from Monday to Friday, except on local or national holidays, at the address that the client indicates. You may receive your orders wherever you wish (except in PO boxes), by simply giving us the address of the place you will be at, between 9am and 6pm. Clients should provide a cell phone number and be aware of our call, until the delivery is complete. Delivery will be attempted by a courier at the address indicated by the customer. Providing an incorrect or incomplete delivery address may result in the order being returned, which will therefore result in additional costs for the customer. We recommend that you always make sure that the delivery address indicated when registering the order is actually correct and complete. Once the order has been processed, it is not possible to change the delivery address or the billing data you have provided.

International shipping available to various countries in the the EU, soon to be announced here.

Thank you for all of your support!